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Dr. Larry Thill D.C. & Dr. Evan Mountford D.C.

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At Loomis Lifecare, we know that you want to live your BEST life; balanced, full of energy, fulfilled, and pain-free.

When you don't feel your best or are in pain - whether physical, emotional, or mental, life is a drag, fatiguing, and unmotivating. We understand the frustration of barely making it through the day, and having no energy at the end. Many who contact us Loomis CA chiropractors have sought other forms of health care and pain relief, but don't feel listened to or have tried every other kind of therapy, or don't want to resort to problem-masking drugs.

And we become their last resort, and we love that! We believe you deserve to feel your best every day so you can participate in life at the pace that YOU determine, and symptom-free. Please don't hesitate to contact our Loomis CA chiropractor with any questions you have.

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What's Holding You Back?

For nearly 2 decades, Dr. Mountford has been helping moms, dads, students (kids of ALL ages), teachers, athletes, office workers, military personnel, doctors, nurses, construction workers, engineers, veterans, those retired, firemen, law enforcement officers and more... to feel their best, move better, sleep better and have more energy. To "participate in LIFE", again.

Through detailed spine, nerve, and brain evaluation, we begin to discover what the source of the body's dysfunction is. Then, utilizing x-rays, Dr. Mountford forms diagnostic conclusions and plans a course of specific, gentle, and corrective Chiropractic adjustments and therapies customized for each patient to reach their health objectives. The body, nervous system, and brain get re-connected.

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Why Dr. Mountford Became A Chiropractor

Dr. Mountford became a chiropractor in Loomis CA so he could be the conduit to better health for as many people as possible. He was introduced to chiropractic at a young age, all thanks to his father requesting massages in exchange for a few spending dollars. From there Dr. Mountford became fascinated with biology. Fast forward through his childhood, he found himself in a bad accident and almost died (and should have according to the doctors).

From this accident, Dr. Mountford has experiences in the hospital that changed his life forever and made him realize that he is on borrowed time. Dr. Mountford is moved with great emotion by the love and support he received through his care, as many individuals were strangers. What drives Dr. Mountford is a desire to be a part of this kind of change for patients who come into his office. This profession has become a passion for him that is rewarding and fulfilling as each person becomes a part of his heart. 

Chiropractic Care Can Help

If you are curious about Chiropractic, are in pain, or are just ready to live a healthier happier life for yourself and your loved ones, call us for a complimentary consultation. There is no obligation or cost to you. We know that once you meet Dr. Mountford and our caring staff, you will feel at home and know you are in the right place. We all look forward to meeting you and being a part of your wellness journey!

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What Makes Us Different Than Other Offices

We are different from other offices because we focus on the Core 4, Align It, Nourish It, Move It and Think It. Our lifestyle program allows you to align your mind, body, and soul for sustainable health and happiness. We believe in affordable care for everyone which is why we are the #1 Chiropractor in Loomis, CA for families.

Common Symptoms We Help

Dr. Mountford has helped the people of Loomis CA and the surrounding areas with neck pain, back pain, sciatica, disc issues, headaches, difficult pregnancies, digestive disorders, fertility, asthma and allergies, and so much more!

Come to one of our in-office workshops to learn all the benefits of chiropractic and to dispel the myth that chiropractic is just for neck and back pain. Discover just how safe and effective this natural treatment method is and how it can make a profound difference in your life. Call us today to find out the next available class.


"I sought care at Loomis Lifecare because I met Dr. Thill in the community and immediately connected with his strong passion to help people. I could sense that he had a healing gift..."

Lindsy S.

"...The consultation went well and Dr. Thill answered a lot of my questions and addressed a lot of my fears...His passion to restore the body is encouraging and empowering..."

Denise C.