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Chiropractor Evan Mountford D.C.

Chiropractor Loomis CA Evan Mountford Meet The TeamHi, I'm Dr. Evan Mountford. I've been a chiropractor for 15 years now. I had my own practice in Rocklin CA from 2011 to 2021 and then worked with Dr. Tim Smith at New Life Chiropractic for the last 2 years.

I have been trained in Gonstead, CLEAR scoliosis technique, have obtained my certification from Chiropractic Biophysics, obtained a Webster Certification, and done numerous chiropractic pediatrics courses. I am skilled and trained in extremity adjusting, trained in Sacro-Occipital cranial/temporal mandibular dysfunction, and OTZ technique among many other techniques.

I was drawn to chiropractic care at a young age. As a boy, I would massage my dad for hours at a time to earn a little extra spending money, there soon after became fascinated with Biology. Fast forward through my childhood, I found myself in a bad accident. I almost died (and should have according to the doctors). I was using a gas can to try and light a pile of trash on fire as a teen which consequently blew up in my hands.

From this accident, I have experiences in the hospital that changed my life forever and I then realized that I am on borrowed time. I was repeatedly referred to as the "Miracle Boy" in the hospital and I believe that my healing was a combination of my doctor's skill, a healthy body, and a lot of prayer. The church and school in my community rallied around to help me. Still to this day, I am moved with great emotion by the love and support I received through my care, as many individuals were strangers.

What drives me is a desire to be a part of this kind of change for patients who come into my office. My mission is to help each person experience their own miracles of healing and live a life full of empowerment, health, and abundance. This encourages me to continue learning and improving my skills and knowledge as well as my attention to the details of my patient's conditions. My greatest reward comes from seeing my patients not only heal but also watch them live their life's purpose through sharing their talents with the world.

My profession has become a passion for me that is rewarding and fulfilling as each person becomes a part of my heart. My staff (I call them Resident Healers) are a group of truly talented and caring people who share my passion to serve and bless each person who enters our doors to the best of our abilities. It is truly an honor and privilege to be chosen to fill the shoes of Dr. Larry Thill.

I witnessed how much love and compassion he had for each of his patients. It was as though each one was a member of his own family; that's how well he knew them. Dr. Thill's leadership reiterated the sacred nature of the doctor-patient relationship, and our practice is centered around these guiding principles of love, compassion, service, excellence, honesty, family, and the miraculous power of healing that comes from within when we know how to release it.

That's what chiropractic is all about - releasing the power within each of us to become our best selves and truly live our lives to the fullest.

Chiropractor Larry Thill D.C.

Chiropractor Loomis CA Larry ThillDr. Larry Thill started Loomis Lifecare in a small room in a nearby office building in 2012, and moved to this location on Horseshoe Bar Road in January of 2015.

For the previous 15 years he practiced in Lake of the Pines, near Auburn, CA.  After graduating from Life Chiropractic College West in 1991, he worked in Hayward for 8 years, opening two practices. But life and wife and kids determined that they needed more space to grow as a family, so they moved out of the city and up into the foothills in 1999.

Dr. Thill lives in Loomis also.  His family loves the community gatherings, school spirit, minimal traffic congestion, nearby church, being close to the freeway but not feeling close…Many benefits to this town.

A neck injury after college led Larry to consult a Chiropractor for the first time.  The pain in his neck and down his arm was excruciating.  No change in neck position alleviated the pain, so he consulted a Chiropractor the next day.  Within two weeks his range of motion was greatly improved and pain was much reduced.  Though at-home traction was a great help, it was the Chiropractic care that changed his life.  After finishing a degree in Business Marketing from CSU, Sacramento, and working in the banking field for 5 years, he realized health care and service would be necessary for a sustainable career.  Chiropractic fit perfectly.  He found his passion in this profession.  5 more years of study at CSU Hayward and then Life Chiropractic College West, and his Doctor of Chiropractic was complete.

Dr. Thill loves coming to work.  The rewards of helping those who want a better quality of life through Chiropractic, make every day fun and challenging.  Everyone benefits by getting checked and being in healthy adjustment.  We have the innate ability to heal and be healthy…IF there is no interference!  Chiropractic is essential to maximizing the body’s potential to be its best!  Remove the interference.  Be your best!

Chelsea - Manager

Chelsea is the friendly face and bright smile that you'll see when you walk into Loomis LifeCare. She loves connecting with people and will help you have the best possible experience - from your first phone call, to the first time you walk in the door, to each time you make an appointment. Each challenge is taken on with enthusiasm and detailed expertise.

Originally from the East Bay, she was introduced to Dr. Thill and Chiropractic shortly after moving to the area with her family and her cat, Scatter, in late 2020. She brings a wide range of administrative skills from her previous work with a small software company, and is currently studying for a degree in Computer Science.

In her free time, you will likely find Chelsea exploring the beautiful region with her camera or hanging out with her family.

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