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"I sought care at Loomis LifeCare because I met Dr. Thill in the community and immediately connected with his strong passion to help people. I could sense that he had a healing gift. Since then, he has adjusted me through multiple injuries, during my recovery from leukemia, and a car accident. He has the most gentle healing hands and the kindest heart. I recommend him to all my friends and family with complete confidence. Dr. Thill has helped to heal my spine so that I can have less pain and do the things I love."

- Lindsy Stanley

"After 27 years, following an "on the job" injury, I decided it was time to seek help. The final straw was not - not being able to sleep without pain, but the fact that I could no longer turn my head when I was driving. I knew I had to do something, but I wasn't sure "what."

I responded to Dr. Thill's "free pillow" offer. After I used my pillow, I agreed to talk to Faye about chiropractic care at Loomis LifeCare. After talking to Faye, I decided to go one step further and BOOK AN APPOINTMENT with Dr. Thill for a free consultation. The consultation went well and Dr. Thill answered a lot of my questions and addressed a lot of my fears. After I got my x-rays, we had another meeting and discussed my treatment plan. Dr. Thill had such hope for my improvement that I decided to move forward and we put a plan in place. His passion to restore the body is encouraging and empowering. Overall, I know it will take time - lots of time! - to re-adjust everything that has been outta whack for so long... BUT I have already seen improvement. At week #6 I actually have NO further pain in my neck when I lie down to sleep. MAJOR VICTORY! I have more movement in my neck and I have less pain, I sleep better, and that is GOOD HEALTH!!!

Dr. Thill and his staff are amazing! If anyone is looking to gain their life back - one adjustment at a time - THIS OFFICE IS THE OFFICE TO GET IT DONE FOR YOU!"

- Denise Clemens


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